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We started our family based business raising bugs to feed our own collection, and then selling our excess at shows where we would provide the public our assorted Bugs. Shows where the public would go to, buy animals and (feeder) Bugs in a friendly pet shop free environment where you could go meet, ask questions, and get to know the middle man, breeder or suppliers. Thus also in a price friendly atmosphere.

     We started out with your basic insect feeders, Crickets, Supper worms, Meal worms and Wax worms, then finding other great feeders like Horn worms, Silk worms and Black Soldier Fly Larva and Blue Bottle Flies . Over time many of our customers who couldn't make it to these shows, would ask to work with me directly, because they liked our quality, prices, and our honesty. (with providing your pet, the best Bugs, size, quality  and nutrition ) And that's what we still base our business today on with a personal touch. So we've decided to expand our business and that's where LINDA'S GONE BUGGIE  got started.  Thank you. Linda.